SGM Service Description


  This service addresses the organizing logic for business organization, information systems as well as technology architectures in an integrated and boundaryless manner for the enablement of all services for all stakeholders. Also, it addresses the standardization requirements of the firm's operating model towards the generation of the value proposition for the enterprise.
  SGM base the digital transformation and the concepts of the digital business model and architecture roadmap with current and target IS and Technology architectures developed. The service is also concerned with the structure of enterprise components, their inter-relationships, the principles and guidelines governing their design and evolution over time.


SGM Service Value Proposition

Identifying and refining the requirements that the stakeholders have for an Enterprise (group of organizations), single organization or even a capability within an organization.

Developing views of the architecture that show how the concerns and requirements of the stakeholders are going to be addressed.

Showing the trade-offs that are going to be made in reconciling the potentially conflicting concerns of different stakeholders.

A more efficient business operation, more effective and efficient Digital Transformation and IT operations.

Shortens time to market for new innovations and capabilities.

Provides consistent business processes and information across business units and improves reliability and security, and reduces risk.

Better return on existing investment, reduced risk for future investment, faster, simpler, and cheaper procurement.