Business Relationship Manager

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Enterprise Governance for Information & related Technology


  • Manage relationships with business stakeholders in a formalized and transparent way that ensures mutual trust and a combined focus on achieving the strategic goals within the constraints of budgets and risk tolerance.

  • Base relationships on open and transparent communication, a common language, and the willingness to take ownership and accountability for key decisions on both sides.

  • Business and IT must work together to create successful enterprise outcomes in support of the enterprise objectives.

SGM Value Proposition:

  • Delivery of I&T services in line with business requirements.

  • Agility to turn business requirements into operational solutions.

  • Competent and motivated staff with a mutual understanding of technology and business.

  • Knowledge, expertise and initiatives for business innovation.

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Business Model and Architecture Management


  • The high-level drivers, goals, and objectives of the organization,
    and how these are translated into an effective process and IT architecture to advance the business.

SGM Value Proposition:

  • Clear traceability between a service component and the business goal that it satisfies, while also demonstrating ownership of the services identified.

  • Linking organization unit functions to delivery services.

  • Define the ways in which a service contributes to the achievement of a business vision or strategy.

  • Services are associated with the drivers, goals, objectives, and measures that they support.

  • Allowing the enterprise to understand which services contribute to similar aspects of business performance. 

  • Provides qualitative input on what constitutes high performance for a particular service.

  • Describes the links between actor, roles, and location within an organization tree.

  • Link the goals to the stakeholders from the Organization Decomposition diagram.

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Management of Value


  • Business service continuity and availability.

SGM Value Proposition:

  • Enterprise projects that consider I&T risk.

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IT Service Management


  • Needs to focuses on the strategic and tactical levels (the overall relationship between the service provider and their customer, and which services the service provider will deliver to meet customer needs), 

SGM Value Propositions:

  • A constructive relationship between the service provider and the customer,  based on understanding the customer and their business drivers,
    is established and maintained;

  • The changing environment of the customers, technology trends and customer's perspective of service are taken into account for adapting the service offer;

  • High levels of customer satisfaction and business value are ensured, indicating that the service provider is meeting the customer's business needs.