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Enterprise Governance for Information & related Technology


  • High depreciation rate for technology .

  • Low lifetime of assets

SGM Value Propositions:

Linkage of I&T cost to benefit / ROI / Linkage to Enterprise goals.

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Business Model and Architecture Management


  • The high-level drivers, goals, and objectives of the organization, and how these are translated into an effective process and IT architecture to advance the business.

SGM Value Proposition:

  • A clear traceability between a service component and the business goal that it satisfies, while also demonstrating ownership of the services identified.

  • Linking organization unit functions to delivery services.

  • Define the ways in which a service contributes to the achievement of a business vision or strategy.

  • Services are associated with the drivers, goals, objectives, and measures that they support.

  • Allowing the enterprise to understand which services contribute to similar aspects of business performance. 

  • Provides qualitative input on what constitutes high performance for a particular service.

  • Describes the links between actor, roles, and location within an organization tree.

  • Link the goals to the stakeholders from the Organization Decomposition diagram.

Presentation of project management areas

Portfolio, Programme, Project, EPO & Risk Management


  • Budget planning and control.

  • Relate expenditure to benefits.

  • Vendors and Contracts Management.

  • Investment control and accurate ROI estimation.

  • Risk budgeting and accurate planning.

  • Products planning.

  • Products management.

  • Accurate target forecast and planning.

  • Managing products portfolio throughout the products life cycle.

SGM Value Propositions:

  • Budget planning and control.

  • Benefit realization planning

  • Vendor and contracts management.

  • Facilitate the development of high-level portfolio/business plan.

  • Help develop the overall risk management strategy, processes and templates.

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Management of Value


  • Portfolio of competitive products and services.

  • Satisfaction levels  with business process capabilities.

  • Satisfaction levels of customers with service delivery capabilities.

  • Business transformation programs with regular reported status updates.

SGM Value Propositions:

  • Realized benefits from I&T-enabled investments and services.

  • Increased number of new enterprise opportunities realized as a direct result of I&T developments.

  • Strategic enterprise objectives achieved as a result of strategic I&T initiatives.

  • Reduction in number of confidentiality incidents causing financial loss, business disruption or public embarrassment.

  • Optimization of internal business process functionality.

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Information Security Management


  • Loss of trust in IT Department capabilities for Securing the information.

  • Convince the board for the need of Info Sec Management.

  • Lack of Awareness about the implications of security breaches.

  • Lack of budget for Information security.

  • Ability to measure Information Security Capacity & Capabilities (Manpower, Competencies).

  • Ability to measure Information Security Capacity & Capabilities (Manpower, Competencies).

  • Alignment of Strategic Info Sec roadmap with the Business Digital Transformation.

  • Guidance to build a security management system.

  • Lack of awareness between business and IT in the level of security and acceptable attacks.

  • Risk-based info security investment, linking the investment with a potential quantified risk.

  • Benchmark of accepting a certain level of security.

  • How to manage data privacy GDPR and linked to human rights.

SGM Value Propositions:

  • Implementation of an ISMS.

  • Rationalize IS investment.

  • IS Risk Identification.

  • Board level awareness about cyber security.

  • Alignment of IS strategy to business strategy.

  • Data Privacy guidance.

 ITSM. IT Service Management. Concept fo

IT Service Management


  • ROI is not clear

  • Allocation (CAPEX or OPEX)


SGM Value Propositions:

  • Linking IT investment to business investment priorities