Chief Digital Officer

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Enterprise Governance for Information & related Technology


  • Execute the strategic direction set for investments in line with the enterprise architecture vision and I&T road map.

  • Consider the different categories of investments and the resources and funding constraints.

  • Evaluate, prioritize and balance programs and services, managing demand within resource and funding constraints, based on their alignment with strategic objectives, enterprise worth and risk.

  • Move selected programs into the active products or services portfolio for execution.

  • Monitor the performance of the overall portfolio of products and services and programs, proposing adjustments as necessary in response to program, product or service performance or changing enterprise priorities.

SGM Value Propositions:

  •  Realized benefits from I&T-enabled investments and services portfolio.

  • Delivery of I&T services in line with business requirements.

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Management of Value


  • Customer service or business process interruptions causing significant incidents.

SGM Value Proposition:

  • Optimization of internal business process functionality.