Enterprise Portfolio Office

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Enterprise Governance for Information & related Technology


  • Align I&T-enabled products and services and service levels with departmental needs and expectations, including identification, specification, design, publishing, agreement, and monitoring of I&T products and services, service levels and performance indicators.

SGM Value Propositions:

  • Portfolio of competitive IT products and services.

  • Optimization of internal business process functionality.

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Business Model and Architecture Management


  • Ensuring the consistent governance of the organization’s business, data, application, and technology assets.

SGM Value Propositions:

  • Provides a supplement to any Process Flow diagrams that are created and allows an enterprise to filter, report, and query across organizations and processes to identify scope, commonality, or impact.

  • Provides a listing of all agreed service contracts and (optionally) the measures attached to those contracts.

  • Scope and document the interfaces between applications.

  • Understand the degree of interaction between applications, identifying those that are central in terms of their dependencies on other applications.

  • Understand the number and types of interfaces between applications.

  • Understand the degree of duplication of interfaces between applications.

  • Identify the potential for simplification of interfaces when considering the target Application Portfolio.

  • Support the gap analysis

  • Define the horizontal scope of change initiatives that may impact particular kinds of applications.

  • Provides a snapshot of the enterprise standard technologies that are or can be deployed.

  • Identify and maintain a list of all the technology in use across the enterprise, including hardware, infrastructure software, and application software.

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Management of Value


  • Customer service or business process interruptions causing significant incidents

SGM Value Propositions:

  • Optimization of internal business process functionality.

  • Satisfaction levels of board and executive management with business process capabilities

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Portfolio, Programme, Project, EPO and Risk Management 


  • There is great confusion between my role and other functional departments roles.

  • Heads look for me when they only have critical demands and need to transfer responsibility.

  • I don't have enough resources with the needed skillsets for all COX functions.

  • Risk management practice is not considered from project/program teams and other heads.

  • All projects/programs are requested with the same high priority.

  • No clear processes for every organization activity.

  • There is always a change of customer requirements that result in budget violations, but it is approved by management.

  • Some projects are continued even if it should be terminated, due to management decision, not benefits realization.

  • Poor performance and reporting of running projects/programs due to lack of efficient PPM tools.

SGM Value Propositions:

  • Created, developed and operated EPO with full functionality.

  • The assessed maturity level of PPM practices.

  • Enhanced PPM practices to reach a higher level of maturity level.