SGM Service Description


  Within this service, SGM guides board and management towards Security Architecture and Structure of organizational, conceptual, logical, and physical components that interact coherently to achieve and maintain a state of managed risk.

 Information security service of SGM provides consumers with domain controls of Cyber Security Leadership and Governance; Cyber Security Risk Management and Compliance; Cyber Security Operations and Technology; Third-Party Cyber Security with all the related detailed sub-domains within an integrated applied quality management system.

SGM Service Value Proposition

Protect from ever-growing seriousness of cyber-attacks.

Support regulated entities to have appropriate cybersecurity governance and to build a robust infrastructure along with the necessary detective and preventive controls.

Articulate appropriate controls and guides in how to assess the maturity level.

Ensure consumers can manage and withstand cyber security threats.

Ensure cyber security risks are properly managed throught the consumer environment.

Describe how Security contributes to the company's productivity and it's bottom line.

Regulate entities are leveraging technology with a common approach for addressing cyber security.