Modern City

  In today’s world, for the business to survive, it is not anymore a question of adopting the latest approaches and adapting to the technology evolution. While this would be a good starting point, it remains a start, not a sustainable strategy. 


  Methodologies, technologies, and practices need to join forces across the business landscape and organization units.

   In SGM, we work on using scientific and practically proven approaches

towards looking that the business needs and enabling our customer organization to reach a boundaryless information flow between their business processes and associated technologies.          


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  Every leading methodology or framework has its own tactics in thinking, building, and running activities related to information and related technology. They are with no doubts shining stars in the realm of Information and Technology sky. In SGM, we practiced these different methodologies and were able to connect the dots, building an integrated Zodiac of these practices. 

  Through our value chain, we enable an organization to aim for a boundary-less sky information flow without being concerned about the way to achieve this and to be able to use the state-of-the-art technology within their quest. 

 In our work with you, we will provide you with information, such as: 

  • From a broad view to a deep dive into the “Information and its related technology.” With all its sorts in your organization;

  • The way everything in the organization is done and by whom maps into a value to your business;

  • Your current organization components and how they are related. And then providing a futuristic view of the overall architecture of the organization;

  • To which level is your organization implementing the different practices related to information and technology, and how can you “connect the dots” between these practices for the best benefit for your organization? 

In SGM our philosophy is using knowledge and experience to simplify what is complex in nature. 


To become the preferred strategic partner for our consumers' boundary-less information flow; yet governed towards growth & benefits.

We reshape our environment from situational knowledge towards an inspirational leadership building on our sound foundation of industry best practices, international standards, accredited expertise, and cutting-edge technologies.




SGM mission is to reshape our environment and help others to benefit from it while gaining our consumers' confidence and become their preferred strategic partner worldwide. We believe that we help our consumers' realize benefits by offering an Integrated portfolio of consulting services and tools, hiring the best in each specialty area, and depending on our solid knowledge of industry best practice, international standards, partnering with globally recognized management institutes, and using cutting edge tools and technology. This will provide the company with the targeted growth opportunities and maximize the value of our shareholders' investment.