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SGM Service Value Chain Activities


Induction, Health-Check and Visioning 

  At the start of our journey, we work with your organization at large [all stakeholders] to ensure you have the view of what is the reality behind “information” how it is generated, used, and influences the everyday activities within your organization. Then we look at the possible efforts to govern and manage this “Information” and what does this translate to; 
We can also provide your organization with what we call: Health-Check, which is a quick examination of what is currently in place, how your organization is dealing with the Information and its related technology. Like any Health-Check, it can be a general check for the whole organization or specific for one department or another. 

 Our Visioning activity would provide your organization stakeholders’ different perspectives, experiences, and areas of expertise to connect their views concerning the governance of I&T and its benefit within the enterprise. We use Collective Intelligence practices to ensure a diverse idea flow with the consumer organization stakeholders until a vision for the role of I&T in the organization strategy is formulated, acknowledged, and valued.



  Through the assessment services, we can measure, analyze, and understand the behavior and performance of your business aspects, like practices, processes, services, technology, and people.

  We will do more than identify gaps and issues; as we will recognize what is being done well and show how success can be leveraged. That includes a great range of assessment activities like Maturity assessments, Capability assessments, Impact assessments, Risk assessments, Quality assessments, Audit activities, Or a Customized assessment based on your needs. 


Scoping and Feasibility

  As an important milestone in your transformation journey, we offer a futuristic view on what we could recommend as priority aspects in your organization and a study for its feasibility, expected results, and relevance to your business. In this business case, we can give your organization the view on the gaps standing between now and a future where your organization is embracing the real value of information and making the best use of technology. 



  With our experts, we can design your transformation program from end to end, with a complete and realistic implementation plan and ready for execution. Our design and planning services stem from more than a decade of experience in transformation projects and subsequent follow-through to ensure the embedding of the practices within the enterprise's day-to-day business. It is not limited to the Technical transformation aspects but also includes the people behaviors and cultural transformation.



  Dreams are always compelling and boundaryless, yet reality can be different. In SGM, we make plans a reality, transforming your information and any related Technology to become your enterprise central intelligence agency. 
  With this part of our journey with you, dreams like Digitalization, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence become an integral part of your toolset and a propeller for your business processes.



  When it is the time for your transformation, we will be there to support you on this journey. Even if you do not have the needed people or skills, one of our services is outsourcing -finding you the most suitable expertise in the market, fit for use in your organization along the transformation journey-. 
  Within our outsourcing offering, we also can take over a full function in your organization on your behalf, be it the Internal audit function, Project, Program & Portfolio office, or your Quality Assurance function. No matter what your needs are, we are your companion on your journey. 


Continuous Improvement

      Never lose another opportunity...


  Every day, ideas and opportunities for improvement pop-up from everywhere in the organization. With our Continuous Improvement offering, we enable your organization to capture the different improvement opportunities, interpret them, and translate them into actionable items.

  We help you implement a practice in place to ensure that the improvement initiatives are considered and implemented continuously so that your business evolution is not a matter of a project, rather a mindset and culture.